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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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now, the donald trump's transition and political protests. the latest on the president- elect's move to the white house and what some have to say about it. its diabetes awareness month. how you can help a group of quarter women syndicates with diabetes to a special camp just for them. one month later. >> when they think of nouveau they think of market. >> reporter: how the nouveau business is faring once the dust settles after flood 2016. the super moon is out tonight and i have a super week in store for you. i will let you know when temperatures get close to 70 in the forecast. not your normal november -- warmer 's this is not your normal november. warmer weather is coming to the corridor. we will go to rebecca for a look at the weather first forecast. >> it really hasn't been a
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conditions and already today we were 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. we do have a couple of clouds out there right now to keep the temperatures a little warmer tonight. for the commute temperatures will start above the freezing mark for the first time in two days. we will have lows in the upper 30s. a little cool but not as cold as the last couple of nights. we will have a couple of clouds in the sky but the skies will be clearing. throughout the afternoon temperatures will be warming up into the upper 50s and close to 60 which is another 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. we have a weak front moving through the area tonight and into tomorrow morning the wind will be out of the northwest and keep temperatures from climbing higher. after that we will have some much warmer weather on the way. i will let you know how warm it's going to get and how long it sticks around in the full forecast in a bit. donald trump is now announcing he has felt two top
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administration. his first television interview to coast. coast. (pkg)donald trump is turning to a washington insider for his white house chief of staffa& reince priebus, the chairman of the republic national committeea&the president-elect named right-wing media mogul stephen bannon his chief strategist. (gfx)in a statement, trump said "i am thrilled to have my very successful team continue with me in leading our country."(vo / nat)five days after trump's triumph at the pollsa& (vo morning shows)his team took to the sunday morning showsa& to address growing concerns about a divided country.(newt gingrich) "a&his victory speech was very conciliatory, very much in the right direction. i think his visit to the white house was very respectful on both sides (and i think encouraging in that sense.)" (kellyanne conway)"it's time really for president obama and secretary clinton to say to these protesters, 'this man is our president.'"(vo /nat la protests)protesters hit the streets for a fifth day in los angeles(vo /nat new york protests)and new york, chanting slogans against donald trump.(last q&a with kayla somen - new york - first this man is our president. >> reporter: protests for the
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against donald trump. >> what he most afraid of? >> that racism and sexism and homophobia will go unheard. >> i don't think we should be subjected to any of this abuse. as his protesters marched through the streets of new york their numbers are growing. many of them say these demonstrations will continue until trump addresses their concerns. >> reporter: in his first postelection tenant -- interview trump told leslie stahl he still plans to secure >> are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> reporter: they are talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. certain areas the wall is more appropriate. i very good at this, is called construction. >> reporter: trump told 60 minutes he will be very restrained on social media. >> protesters also took to the streets in las vegas. while many expressed negative comments about the new president
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given a chance. >> do something good. hopefully he will make america good. it's already bad so why not give him a try instead of just promoting hate and promoting more problems? >> protesters also carried signs and chanted anti-trump phrases about rejecting the president-elect. iowa lawmakers are considering tougher penalties for a tax on law enforcement this comes after the deadly officer justin martin and des moines police sergeant. anthony the video later or -- earlier this month. konwiser says iowa should expand its enhanced penalties for consulting officers to include the death penalty for murdering police. governor branstad is now calling for one statewide governor. is now calling for one statewide minimum wage. format counties have already approved their own higher wages including linda and johnson.
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for business he says. some people are now worried the wage the state chooses might not be high enough. every year about 40,000 people are diagnosed with type i diabetes and some are very young. joe tells us how one group is now using a holiday tradition to help diabetic kids in the corridor. >> november is diabetes awareness month. is also a time when many are getting ready for the holidays. for the last 30 years the women of alpha gamma delta's cedar rapids alumni group have turned to the holiday poinsettia to decorate for a ca. cause. whether it's your home whether it's a business whether it's gift giving that is kind of the angle we take and have been we think pretty successful for a small group. 11their international organization is a big contributor to the juvenile diabetes research foundation but these women like to keep things local.
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to kind of see first hand where your money is going. 5 the money they raise goes to camp tanagers diabetes camp campthey invite children who have diabetes to experience the camping experience as well as have a medical staff on hand so that the parents can have a medical staff on hand so that the parents can rest easy that their children are being monitored. >> reporter: while parents are resting easy campers get a chance learning how to better manage their condition. >> they have -- i have friends that have had children with diabetes that have experienced the camp and have had wonderful experiences. >> reporter: the group has raised more than $30,000 for the camp over the years, helping a lot of kids live a little better. for more information on how you can get your poinsettia go to our website, cbs 2 a longtime restaurant in
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after a kitchen fire. the waterloo cedar falls courier says the we do's restaurant and lounge was destroyed yesterday the fire started just after 3 pm saturday that was when the business was still open. everyone made it out safely. authorities had to use construction equipment to knock the fire down. officials say the restaurant is a total loss. developing right now, people in new zealand are on alert after multiple earthquakes today. the first hit early th 7.8. that triggered a tsunami warning along the country's east coast, sending residents with higher ground. a little more than three hours ago a 6.8 magnitude aftershock struck. right now we know at least two people have died. officials. >> the death toll to rise. [ singing ] british singer sting marked the reopening of the bataclan the concert hall
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terrorists targeted six locations across paris the concert hall was one of the places where the terrorists attacked. to honor the victims a minute of silence was held before the concert bee attacks killed 130 people and injured hundreds more. today france is commemorating the victims. not all nato businesses are returning after flight 2016 just flooded 2016. newbo alehouse and sushi are closing their doors after selling. schreiber said he has heard plans for a high-end steakhouse in that space that there are no finalized plans currently. it has been one month since newbo market reopened its doors following the flood of 2016. connor morgan paid a visit to the district and explains how the market is making a major difference to newbo businesses. >> reporter: from a virtual ghost town --
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it was eerie. >> reporter: to a flood of people. >> we are all seeing an uptick in sales. >> reporter: newbo business owners say the district is back . >> immediately after we reopened we were slammed. it was obvious that the community was coming to support small business, specifically ones that were flood impacted. >> reporter: at the heart of the resurgence newbo market. >> when i think up newbo they think of the market. there's a great green space it's like the town square. >> reporter: one of the last businesses to reopen the market market is a difference maker. "we help draw people to the neighborhood, not only for our businesses, but for the other businesses in district, because we want everyone to succeed. this isn't - we're not competing with the businesses around us. we want everyone to succeed and everyone to do well."many flood-impacted businesses are facing an uphill battle -"it's everyone to succeed and everyone to do well. >> reporter: many flood impacted
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>> we incurred more than $20,000 in expenses. >> reporter: having closed their doors waiting for water levels to receive. >> that is hard on small independent businesses. very hard. that is their family and their livelihood and income. >> reporter: newbo city lost a month worth of revenue so the market leaders are doing them a favor. >> our biggest cash flow as an organization is true rent. we forgive rent for the month. >> around the market aren't up to full strength. >> the flood didn't run through the streets but still impacted is heavily. >> it will take us at least six months to fully recover. >> all of those businesses still need your support and are thankful for your help. they would love to see you. >> connor morgan with cbs two news. >>
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another way to give back to this holiday season through the salvation army. you might have already seen the red kettle stands across wayne county but new this year is the kettle season pass. this is a collectible pin that you can purchase to show your support. depending on how much you would like to donate for the pin you can buy one for $20, $50 or $100. you can buy these at a salvation army at 1000 c avenue. nw. this year the salvation army hopes to raise more than $800,000. we are a sponsor. come by and say hello. many of us will be ringing the bell at the newbo market red kettle this saturday. tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first 10 minutes. still to come, take it and report goes away for another 18 years. when you can get a good look at the super moon. the weather has been calm
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a bit of a change in the air. i will let you know how much
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2 this morning - with winter fast-approaching many home- owners are getting their furnaces serviced.but more and more people are becoming victims of a new scam.what you
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if you havent noticed already -- the moon might if you get a chance tonight go check out the super moon. this is a live look at the super moon right now from broadcast park. is bigger and brighter and apparently it is going to be closer to earth than it has been in nearly 70 years. nasa says it is actually closest to earth during the daytime. that stinks for us but right now it looks like it's a great time to go check are able to step outside. beautiful tonight. it is pretty nice out there . it's pretty cool to check out the super moon. is going to be best to see it tomorrow night right near sunset . it will look pretty cool. it's 30% brighter, 14% bigger and the closest since 1948. the next time it will be this close will be in 2034.
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this will continue through tomorrow night as well. you can go outside and take a look. if you do snap a picture and send it to us on twitter and facebook. we do have a couple of clouds but some pretty nice viewing weather. the clouds have been down now and it will be pretty nice the clouds are going to help keep temperatures a little warmer than the last couple of nights. we will be above the freezing for the first time in two nights with partly cloudy skies. wind out of the south and west falling into the mid-30s by morning. closer to 40, for the corridor commute temperatures are going to be around 38 degrees in cedar rapids. 39 iowa city and north liberty. not as cold as the last few mornings. still a little chilly as you head out. right now we have a cold front that is approaching the area and leading to the slightly warmer temperatures and a few clouds but this will be pretty
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that will set us up with the northwest wind tomorrow. leading to some nice conditions. still above normal for this time of year but pretty nice. once that front passes through it will be a thing of the past. wind out of the west and a bit more out of the south. warmer air will be moving in throughout much of the week. for tomorrow temperatures will be pretty similar to today, mid- 50s in the north. to the south closer to 60. pretty similar to today but pretty nice with the northwest wind above normal for this time of year. that means indian summer is back. it is going to stay here through friday with warmer weather around. that's ahead of a significant storm system moving through parts of the midwest for the end of the week. we will have a brief blast of cold air later this weekend behind us system. i actually wanted to show you that system. it is not in the graphics
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the temperatures that we will be warming up as we head to the week. a few clouds in the sky on tuesday. 61 there. 64 on wednesday. after that we will really start to warm up. we get close to 70 on thursday. 69 for the high there. the chance for a few showers and thunderstorms on friday as the storm moves through. after that it is really going to cool down. temperatures will fall throughout the day on friday. we will be at 30 degrees for morning only going to climb to high temperatures in the 30s, 38 saturday. 36 on sunday. it is going to be a significant cool down coming our way after some really warm and nice conditions for the start of the work week. then you'll need some codes by next weekend. saturday night...
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night - kinnick got crazy - and it all seemed so unlikely - crazy things happen in college football. on saturday night kinnick got crazy. it all seemed so unlikely. three straight home losses, a blowout last week in happy valley, 24 point underdogs to michigan. none of that mattered. after falling behind by 10 in the first half iowa responded. they dominated the line of scrimmage and dictated how the game was going to be played. in the end it was a hawks with a chance just deal the upset capped off a night for the history books. backing up the mechanics are good. that's the first thing, snap, hold, kick. it starts with does three things. they take a timeout and all of that stuff but his mindset was right and he did a great job there. >> it was an incredible feeling. kinnick has the best fans in the world. we have the best
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an incredible feeling. >> another saturday night star for iowa, fans have been clamoring to get the rock in his hands more and widely delivered. 23 carries for 115 yards. he also -- caught five balls for 52 more yards in a game that was mostly stuck in the mud . number 25 stood out with his speed and playmaking ability and it brings a different dimension to this hawkeye offense. >> he's a slippery guy with a good feel. the way they played defense there's not much room he got away once or twice from the skies. sometimes he made something out of nothing and he really sparked us in some of his efforts. you doing a really good job for us. tough competitor. >> in d3 football cocaptains of a 10-0 regular season with a win over simpson on saturday. on sunday they learned who they will take on in round one of the playoffs. they will host monmouth college next saturday at noon. the fighting scots are also unbeaten the season.
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other in 2013. that was a cohoctah win. >> on the court fran mccaffrey knew the graduation of four senior starters would change their style of play. he didn't know these young hawks would bust out of the gates looking like a showtime laker. i will at home to play savanna state on sunday first half peter jack got his. i will up by three in the early going. the star of the game brady ellingson from deep. 20 three points for brady. he led the hawks in scoring. the freshman continued to shine . tyler cook gets positioned down low and makes it look like he's dunking on a kitty. hocks up 27. more freshman contributions, pencil bucket and a foul. 18 points and nine boards for the dubuque native. hawkeyes win 116-84. >> our plan was to shoot a few
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once we start pushing the ball more and being able to really run for longer periods of time, you'll see a lot more showtime from a couple guys" during the preseason - lisa bluder joked that her team could go "fourteen deep" if needed -- early in the year - that depth is paying off... off...sunday afternoon hoops - iowa at home against hampton - and the offense was running smoothly - chase coley - let's call her the big fundamental - spin move - lefty la points for iowa... later in the second - ally disterhoft and tania davis toss it back and forth - disterhoft with the lay-in - she scored 16... and got some help from megan gustafson - what a move inside - gustafson finished with a double double...and the hawkeyes - finish with a win - 84 to 51... "eleven players basically in double figure mintues. i love that our bench outscored their bench thirty-two to ten, i love the depth of this
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film and see if we wanna continue the platoon method." method.""i just feel like i have a different role this year... my job out there is to make sure i keep the energy rolling from the first group in to the second group in... when one person gets a little energy, it sparks it for the rest of the team" to the n-f-l- packers trailed by 21 in the first quarter for the first time since 1986... down 19 in the third - aaron rodgers out of the gun - nobody open so he takes off - a 20-yard touchdown scamper - eryn rogers out of the gun. nobody opened so he takes he is hit late. his teammates take exception and the two teams exchange pleasantries. in the end the green bay defense couldn't get any stops. marcus mariota all day to throw. he has sharp and he has a touchdown. the packer defense went to sleep in this one. the green bay trailed all afternoon and go down 47-25. that's a check of the sports.
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have you enjoyed november we have had? >> yes. >> it has been so weird. i have been wanting the fall. i love the fall. >> no winter. >> [ laughing ] >> we are just going to skip over winter. >> we're going to be staying on the cooler side tomorrow with temperatures 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. we will be warming up close to 60 by the time with the middle of the week we will be pushing 70. this is crazy.
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we will think about that later. >> >> dickerson: welcome back to "face the nation." i'm john dickerson. we're back with our politics panel, peggy noonan of the "wall street journal," michael gerson from the "washington post," jeffrey goldberg of "the atlantic" and "slate's" jamelle bouie. peggy, i want to start with you. tough election. the country is split. there are more people voting for health hillary clinton than donald trump, but he's the president. what does donaldru address that situation? >> oh, it's probably always good to start out with a valujet banal yet truthful insight like a kind word, ratchet it down, be cool, be humble, be calm. i think a lot of people willing looking at the staff members and appointees he makes over the next few weeks and trying to


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